Apple offers free bumpers for iPhone 4

We did speculate that free bumpers just might be on offer after the Apple iPhone 4 emergency press conference and as expected, those free bumpers were offered by Steve Jobs to deal with the smartphone's antenna problems.

In that much-anticipated press conference, Apple confirmed that the bumpers were the best way to deal with the ongoing reception issues that have blighted the smartphone since launch. It's an easy solution, but not a cheap one. we don't know how much they cost to make, but the retail price is £25, with around 3 million of the bumpers being offered out. You can see the 'hit' Apple is taking with this.

You can pick up a bumper of your choice, including third-party bumpers, until 30th September, a date already being seen as significant. It could be just a random cut-off point, but some are speculating on a new and improved handset around that date. It's unlikely, but you never know.


Not happy and want your money back? Apple has a solution for that too, with the option of getting your money back with 30 days. That's fine in theory, but with so many sellers and 30 days approaching for early adopters, it might not be as easy as you think to get your cash back. Ring your network first if you don't fancy living with a bumper.

The bumper deal certainly isn't an ideal solution, it just seems a little temporarily and hastily-conceived. Still, with the further option of a return and refund, Apple is at least offering you a way out.

And if you want a way in, well stock is hitting the stores again - even Tesco was advertising stock availability late last week. That stock will be boosted even further by the long-awaited white iPhone 4. According to Apple at that same press conference, the white model will hit the UK by the end of the month, delayed by production problems, but now ready to swell the stock of UK networks. Will it come packaged with a nice white matching bumper? Probably not.

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