APP WATCH: Mozilla Firefox Home for iPhone now available

We heard it was being submitted some time back, but now Apple has approved the Mozilla Firefox Home for iPhone app. Which is great news if that happens to be your favourite browser.

But let's be clear about this, Firefox Home for iPhone isn't a fully-functioning browser - you'll still be using Safari for your surfing as Apple is less than keen on rival browsers on its smartphone. But you will be able to sync your desktop with your iPhone, your history, bookmarks, open tabs and current sessions all avaialble to you via your Firefox profile. There's also the appallingly-named Awesome Bar, an easy/predictive search function, as an added bonus.

It all means that when you leave the office or home, you can carry on just as you left things on the bus or train. The app is free, so head on over to Apple's app store to get started. Just as long as you are a Firefox regular. Otherwise it will be pretty useless.

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