Modu T is the world's lightest touchscreen phone

Sometimes small can be beautiful, but you'll probably need sharp eyes and nimble fingers to get the most from the Modu T, claimed to be the world's lightest touchscreen phone.

It does get bigger as you use it though. Why? Well, according to TechRadar, it's a modular phone, with different 'jackets' offering new functionality alongside the widget-based touch interface.

So in practical terms, you can turn the mini handset into a digital camera, a photo frame and a music player, while another 'jacket' will allow it to work with a PC. So the 'basic' Modu T is pretty basic, pre-loaded with content and apps, but without the luxuries you might expect of a modern-day smartphone.

Price and shelf date details are still awaited, but it should be around before the end of the year. If you can't wait that long, the company's original modular handset, the Modu 1, is finally hitting the Uk.

That model has a 1.3-inch OLED screen, 2GB memory and the option of picking up jackets for sports, fashion and camera functionality. Sold sim-free from, the base unit will cost £130. We suspect it's likely to be a niche product.

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