APP WATCH: RIM launches BlackBerry Protect

RIM has unveiled a new security feature for BlackBerry smartphones, going by the name of BlackBerry Protect.

If you lose your BlackBerry, quite simply, you will need this if you have anything sensitive on it or indeed, you want to locate it - the app allowing remote access to your treasured gadget.

Mislaid your BlackBerry? The app will use its GPS to show a current location on a map. Obviously it's not precise enough to find it if you mislay the phone in the house, but if you think it's been left somewhere (or worse), you should get a rough location. Saying that, there is a loud ring option, so if it is in the house, you'll soon know where.

If you can't get over to the 'lost' location straight away, a click of a button will remotely lock the handset, keeping all those emails away from prying eyes and if you really can't retrieve it (perhaps because it was stolen rather than lost), you can also wipe all the data. Better safe than sorry. But there is an option to auto-backup, so the data isn't lost forever, just until you get yourself another BlackBerry.

Sadly, the app isn't available straight away, it's going to be an incite-only beta at first, no doubt for some fine tuning. But BB apps rarely stay in beta long, so if you don't want to be one of the chosen few at the start, keep your eyes open for the general launch.

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