Tesco Mobile launches 12-month contracts

Brits have plenty to be disgruntled about when it comes to mobile phone contracts. Not only do we pay too much on plans with more minutes than we need, most operators offer the best phones on two-year contracts - and with the speed of technology today, that phone is out of date long before the contract is up.


Tesco Mobile is responding to the disgruntlement with the launch of 12-month contracts across all its tariff plans. Many of them still come with free phones - entry-level but solid handsets such as the LG Cookie Fresh, Samsung Genio QWERTY or Nokia 6700 Slide.


But the biggest draw is probably the availability of the iPhone 4 on a 12-month contract though, seeing as Apple's typical product cycle means we're likely to see a next-gen iPhone this time next year.


Tesco Mobile's iPhone 4 tariff coffers the iPhone 4 (16GB) at £229, and clocks in at an impressively low £35 a month for 750 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data, still one of the best offerings on the market. They're currently out of stock, but you can register your order at the site.

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