Ofcom to speed up mobile number transfers

Let's be honest, we all want a god deal, especially when it comes to mobile contracts. After all, we're stuck with them for anything up to two years. But when you've got a lot of friends and contacts, changing your mobile number can be a real pain. A pain Ofcom hopes to ease in 2011.

According to T3, the web-based system for transferring mobile numbers will be overhauled from April 2011, completing any switch in 24 hours.

You will still need a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) to transfer your number, but this is also being regulated more heavily by Ofcom - no longer will this take days and be sent out by post (as it the case with some networks). Instead, the new system will require the immediate supply of PACs over the phone or within two hours of request via text message.

Ofcom claims this push to improve cross-network number transfers is one of its leading projects of the year, with Chief Executive, Ed Richards saying: 'Ensuring consumers can switch between communications providers by removing unnecessary barriers is one of Ofcom's priorities for 2010/11. Being able to switch quickly and easily between mobile providers is an important part of healthy and effective competition.'

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