T-Mobile finally reveals iPhone 4 prices

We were told some time back that T-Mobile wouldn't be going out of its way to undercut new partner Orange when it came to the iPhone 4. So it proves with the official annoucement.

For a start, there are no deals under two years, so if you want 12 months, maybe try Tesco when it gets more stock or for 18 months, try just about everyone - except T-Mobile. But even on two year-deals, there are no obvious stand-out deals skimming over the figures.

For the 16GB iPhone 4, a £25 a month gets you 100 mins, 100 texts and 500MB data, with the phone costing £259. As the contract price goes up, the phone price comes down, peaking at £60 for a 'free' iPhone 4 with unlimited minutes, 500 texts and 1GB of internet.

The 32GB iPhone 4 obviously ramps things up a bit for the handset, so the £25 deal will mean paying £349 for the handset and the top-end £60 deal adds a £99 price tag to the previously-free handset.

Even allowing for T-Mobile's Flexible Booster for bumping up calls, text or data, nothing jumps out in comparison to the deals already out there and that tie-in, with Apple's record of updating hardware, could be a real pain. Especially when, as yet, the company still hasn't got the hardware to offer out. Indeed, it could be approaching August when you sign that first contract.

But if there's something there that appeals, you can register an interest in picking up an iPhone 4 at T-Mobile right now.

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