Motorola launches the Charm Android handset

No matter how great the camera, mobile browser or connectivity, some people just aren't happy unless there's a full QWERTY keyboard attached to their mobile phone. Of course, you could get yourself a BlackBerry, but if Android is your thing, the Motorola Charm might also fit the bill.

The Charm has just been unveiled in the US, with a UK launch likely we would think. After all, there isn't exactly a glut of QWERTY phones for Android right now, although we suspect the bulk of the fairly large, rectangular phone will keep it as a fairly niche product.

Coming with Android 2.1 at launch, the Charm also packs the latest version of Motoblur, a 2.8-inch touchscreen (another thing that might put off prospective purchasers), a fairly average 3-megapixel camera, plenty of connectivity including high-speed HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, plus an unusual backwards facing optical trackpad.

It hits the US over the summer as a T-Mobile exclusive, but as yet, hasn't been confirmed for the UK. But if we were betting folk, we would certainly have a small flutter on that happening.

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