HTC explains Android 2.2 delays

It's incredibly annoying - a new version of the Android operating system is announced then...nothing. Well, nothing for a while as we endure a frustrating wait for the new OS to make it to our old handsets. Why the wait? There's a good reason, according to Eric Lin, HTC's global PR and online community manager.

Speaking to Pocket Lint, Mr Lin explained why the roll-out of Android 2.2 is yet to reach the company's Desire, Legend and Wildfire handsets: 'It takes time to port all of our applications over to Froyo and then make sure that it is running well on each of our devices', he said. 'That’s not like a one week kind of project. We need to make sure that our applications are taking advantage of the Froyo features. To make sure that they’re all running properly on the OS now that it’s a new version. And then to make sure that it's running on our hardware as well as we expect'.

Despite that, he added that the OS update is actually going quicker than expected: 'I don’t think you’re going to see that really long six month, seven month lag, like you saw in the updates from 1.5 to 2.1, simply because it’s a less severe change. Switching from 2.1 to 2.2, they made a lot of tweaks, but they didn’t make any gigantic changes, so it should be a much swifter process'.

That's the good news, but if you are holding off on buying an Android phone until 3.0 lands, that could drag on. Will it be on handsets in 2010 he was asked? 'I don’t think so. I don’t know what Gingerbread involves, but I would believe that we would be done with our Froyo updates before Christmas. And since Google hasn’t made any announcements as to when Gingerbread is going to come out, I’m not going to make that guess, it could be Q1 of next year'.

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