APP WATCH: Twitter for BlackBerry leaves beta

If you've been holding off downloading the official Twitter for BlackBerry app because of the 'beta' tag, then worry no more as the app has just come out of beta and is good to go for all.

Which effectively means that any rough edges have been smoothed out, any security concerns are a thing of the past (if you use your BlackBerry in the corporate environment) and it shouldn't suffer from occasional crashes. Although to be fair, we have never experienced any issues in beta over a lengthy period of time.

If you have a Blackberry and you don't have the Twitter app, you really should get on it, as long as you are a Twitter user that is. The app offers access to all the main functions, allowing you to send a message, reply, search for people, access lists and send direct messages.

It also works with the BlackBerry messaging system too, so if you get a reply or a direct message, a notification or the message pops up in your inbox, taking you straight to the app if you want to reply. Of course, it's free too, which is always a bonus. Downside? Unlike some apps out there, this doesn't allow you to add multiple accounts.

But that's a small gripe about a very good BlackBerry app.

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