LG unveils Optimus range of smartphones

LG is gearing up for a serious assault on the mobile market with its new Optimus range of 'smart devices', kicking off with the LG Optimus One with Google and the LG Optimus Chic, the first of 10 devices this year.

Optimus apparently means ‘best’ in Latin, so we're expecting great things from these Android smartphones and tablets, although according to the maker, the range will cover entry to premium level when the full range arrives. So not always best then.

'The LG Optimus Series is aimed at challenging the notion that one device can meet the needs of many,' said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. 'At LG, we believe in providing people with many different choices because our customers are not all alike.  We want to provide devices that suit all needs and simplify people’s lives.'

First out of the block are two Android 2.2 handsets, the previously-mentioned LG Optimus One with Google and LG Optimus Chic. According to LG, the Optimus One with Google offers 'the latest in Google mobile features and connects seamlessly to the world'. Which, to be honest, doesn't sound a whole lot different to other Android phones on the market. It also adds that the handset will have 'a convenient user interface and diverse multimedia options' which make it 'one of the easiest to use on the market'.

Details on the LG Optimus Chic are also vague, directed at 'fashion aficionados', the phone will 'set a new standard for smartphone design'. In short, LG is indicating Android phones aren't usually the most stylish of beasts and it plans to do something about it. A school of thought HTC will surely challenge.

Detailed specifications will no doubt follow, as will carrier details and prices. We'll let you know the whole deal as soon as we have it.

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