LG set to unveil Android tablet

Thanks to the iPad, tablets have shifted from being a niche product to the must-have gadget in your bag. So it's no surprise to see the big boys clamouring to get one out in time for the (expected) Christmas sales rush. Unsurprisingly, that now includes LG, which has announced it is currently developing an Android tablet.

What does it have? That's not clear as yet, aside from all that Google-friendly appeal, but according to Engadget, it said to be 'different' than other tablets incoming. Hopefully that difference will be Android 3.0, which is said to be arriving in mid-October and geared as much to tablets as it is to smartphones.

However, the LG Android tablet could face some stiff competition. Obviously the iPad will still be emptying the shelves at the end of the year, LG itself will have a Windows 7 tablet on the market by that point (a device it has already shown off at trade shows), the Samsung Tape Android tablet will also be around and just maybe, the ASUS Eee Pad will have made its debut too. Oh yes - there might even be a Palm tablet doing the rounds too.

All of which adds up to a buyer's market as we end 2010 and enter 2011. Don't throw away your notebook just yet, but it might be about to look very, very old.

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