Everything Everywhere comes into being

Months after first being announced, the two individual networks of Orange and T-Mobile have finally and formally become one, under the Everything Everwhere name.

The company has confirmed that both brands are now being run as one, with rebranding currently taking place to bring that new (and still not very catchy) name to the fore. Saying that, the two networks are still being run on the high street and online as two individual entities, as the iPhone 4 highlights quite clearly - Orange has it (or had it), T-Mobile still hasn't had a sniff of one. Although both websites do have the Everything Everywhere name featured on their respective sites if you look closely.

Tom Alexander, Chief Executive of Everything Everywhere Limited said: 'The formal integration of our new company, Everything Everywhere Limited, is another major milestone and reflects the rapid progress we have made over the past nine months. Today we have created the country's biggest communications company, and as the new leader in the industry, it is our aspiration to give our customers instant access to the world around them, to everything everywhere, through both of our brands, Orange and T-Mobile.'

At present, there are no plans to close down stores of either brand in close proximity to each other.

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