APP WATCH: Spotify submits multitasking app to Apple

When Apple introduced its iOS 4 platform, multitasking was one of the highlights, which was good news for a number of app makers, including Spotify.

The Spotify iPhone app has been around for some time, but it's not been a completely successful launch. With a lack of multitasking on the earlier iPhone models, it was a case of 'music or...' rather than 'music and...'. Not an ideal scenario. So we are pleased to hear that an updated Spotify app has been created, dealing with the one annoyance that stopped the Spotify app from being a must-have.

According to Music Ally, Spotify announced the app on its blog: 'We know that many of you have been waiting for an update to our iPhone app that supports the latest iOS 4 and background listening. We’re happy to say that an updated app has been submitted to Apple for review. Hopefully we’ll get a speedy approval and to make up for the extra little wait time we’ve added a nice little surprise to make Spotify mobile even more exciting for you, stay tuned!'

So the app-shaped ball is now in Apple's court, with a swift approval hoped for. After all, it approved a similar Pandora app in no time at all. But as we, in the UK, can't get Pandora, we don't much care about that. We want the multitasking Spotify app - and we want it now!

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