Apple set to fix 'death grip' iPhone 4 problem

After a successful launch last week, some of the gloss was taken off the iPhone 4's appearance by what's now being called the 'death grip', a problem of lost reception if you hold the iPhone on a certain way. Well, a remedy could be incoming.

We outlined the problem last week, an apparent issue with the antenna in the steel casing, which reduced reception if you are 'holding it the wrong way' in Steve Jobs words. The issue is worse for left-hand people than right handed, but still a serious overall problem for Apple - and one needs more than holding advice to deal with if Apple's reputation is going to survive intact.

Despite the early hype, it's not only an iPhone 4 issue either, with problems reported from iPhone 3GS users who have upgraded to iOS 4. That obviously indicates that software could be an issue - and it's this that Apple will be dealing with in the imminent fuure.

How imminent? Well, early this week has been cited by Apple Insider. It claims a new software update, known as iOS 4.0.1, could be pushed through as early as today.The fix is expected to address a issue in iOS 4 related to 'radio frequency calibration of the baseband'. No, we're not sure either, but by all accounts, errors changing frequency could be at least part of the cause for the drop in signal.

The software problem is likely to be made worse by the placement of the hand, but according to various posts and discussions on the web, this isn't something unique to the iPhone - many phones have it in varying degrees because of the need for antennas to be positioned as far away from the user's head as possible.

So look out for that update and keep those fingers crossed that a software glitch really was the main problem. Because a hardware issue really oesn't bear thinking about.

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