Parrot flies in their AR.Drone

Last night we were part of a select number of journalists to witness the unveiling of a mini helicopter (it's actually a quadripcopter but you get the idea) that can be fully controlled with an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad. Consisting of four motored propellers and paired via its own Wi-Fi network, with the press and push of some virtual controls on the iPhone's screen, you'll be able to guide the Parrot AR.Drone up and down, left and right, basically any which way you like.


The AR.Drone is also fitted with two cameras, one of which broadcasts what's beneath it and the other which streams what the drone is facing, straight to the iPhone's screen.

Users can choose which of these broadcasts they want to view, or opt for both simultaneously. The AR.Drone will be compatible with a number of games for the iPhone, many of which will combine both the real and virtual worlds together in a kind of augmented reality. Having had a quick play with the Parrot AR.Drone we were impressed with how easy it was to get to grips with, only crashing the device into a wall just once. Ok twice.


The Parrot AR.Drone will be available for £299.99 from HMV from 18 August, while the AR.FreeFlight app (needed to operate the drone) will be available for free from the Apple App Store.

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