Google Android music service incoming?

Google's competition with Apple could be stepped up significantly if rumours of a new Google music service prove to be true.

The Wall Street Journal has the insight, claiming Google will roll out a music download service tied to its search engine later this year, followed by an online subscription service in 2011, the latter tied into the Android operating system.

Google has already dipped its toe into the musical water, linking to partner websites like iLike and Pandora through its search engine when an artist or song title is entered in the search box. But this new proposal is likely to see that replaced with something in-house - a move that will be welcomed by the music industry, which is increasingly concerned about Apple's growing dominance in music retail.

After the music web store, which is seen as an interim measure, things start to get interesting. The WSJ expects a 'more ambitious cloud-based subscription service' that will be compatible with smartphone's running the Android operating system. It would allow you to stream music directly from the internet to your mobile phone, so no need to download/transfer tunes to your handset.

Drawback? Well, it's likely to be a subscription service rather than free, but that's to be expected. But Google might also be beaten to it by...Apple. Yes, Apple has been rumoured to be developing its own iTunes cloud-based service. News of Google's plans just might speed things up a bit.

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