Orange to offer Micro-SIM adaptors for iPhone 4

Social networking tools are great for getting the inside track on what's happening, none more so than Twitter, which is where we found out about these Micro-SIM adapters from Orange.

According to the Twitter feed of Orange's PR Manager, Orange will be 'giving out' the pictured SIM adaptors with iPhone Micro-SIMs. The adaptors should mean, in theory, that you can use that Apple-friendly sim in other handsets. Although the irony is, of course, that you can't take it out without an adaptor and use it in your iPad. Hmm.

Is this an Orange-only move? Well, officially yes, but there are rumours of other networks offering these adaptors once the iPhone 4 has launched. If you are not on Orange, you might want to give your iPhone 4 network a call about it after launch. That's if you manage to bag yourself an iPhone 4 this week amongst all the stock shortages.

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