T-Mobile iPhone 4 tariffs likely to be same as Orange

Regular readers will know that Orange unveiled its iPhone 4 tariffs earlier in the week, but as yet, the company's new partner in the Everything Everywhere group has yet to show its hand. Well, if you can't wait for T-Mobile's official announcement, just check out those Orange numbers.

We called T-Mobile today about its iPhone 4 offers and were told that the company was unlikely to undercut Orange. Indeed, we were also told to check out the published Orange tariffs if we wanted an idea of what T-Mobile would be charging. From that, we can assume T-Mobile's tariffs will effectively be the same, although there could yet be some deviation in the data allowances. We suspect not much though.

Interestingly, T-Mobile is still unable to confirm any stock availability for the launch day of 24th June or for that matter, launch week. While the company were happy to register an interest, they said, as yet, they don't know what stock will be heading the network's way or when they will get the iPhone 4.

In fact, we were told if we told that if we hadn't heard anything next week, to give them a call back about it. Doesn't exactly fill you with confidence, does it? Come on T-Mobile, re-build that confidence with a cast-iron announcement - and shelf date.

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