Android 2.1 for HTC Hero finally lands

We've heard no end of claims that the HTC Hero would get an upgrade to the latest version of Android any day now - but now that day is finally here. Well, sort of.


Owners of the Hero, the first HTC phone to grab a whole five stars from us, will be able to download the upgrade in two parts - the first of which roll out this week and will be detected when the phone does a software update check.


The second part of the update will be available at the end of June, and HTC is warning that this will wipe all data on the handset, so Hero users should back up any media and contacts onto the microSD card before installing it.


The upgrade will add multi-touch capability, voice to text in all text fields, a 3D photo gallery, and 'live' wallpapers - though if your Hero is anything like ours, its battery life is dismal enough with Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS on, without adding animated backgrounds to its load.

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