Apple commences selling iPhone 4 sim-free

We still don't know most of the subsidised contract prices for the UK as yet, but as of this morning, Apple started to offer the iPhone 4 for sale directly from its own site, sim-free.

Obviously sim-free means subsidy free, which accounts for the hefty price tags. If you want a 16GB handset, that will set you back £499. A 32GB smartphone is yours for £599. Black only right now too, the white is listed as 'currently unavailable for pre-order'. September is being floated for that if you can wait, which is obviously a little frustrating.

Of course, that's only the entry-level price. You'll need to get yourself a Micro Sim from somewhere to get networked, which may or may not work out cheaper in the long run, that's the risk you take. But at least you'll not be tied when Apple launches another new model during the life of your contract. If you fancied one of those coloured protective bumpers, you can pick one of those up at Apple too - that'll be another £25.

Apple's announcement of iPhone 4 prices should also mean you can check out the contract deals this week, most of the networks holding back until the hardware costs were confirmed. Of course, O2 has already showed its hands and its reduced data deals, which you can check out here. Stay tuned for the rest very soon.

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