INQ Promises Android-only handsets for future

With handsets like the Chat 3G, INQ has certainly carved out a niche for itself with affordable social networking handsets, but in future, it intends to take a chunk out of the Android market - and that could be very soon.

According to GigaOM, Frank Meehan, chief executive officer of INQ Mobile, said that the company will unveil its first multitouch devices based on the Android OS sometime in the fourth quarter of 2010. Or in other words, ahead of the Christmas market. Which is only a matter of months away.

'We are going all-Android and touch,' he said, which is bad news for Qualcomm’s BREW operating system, which the company has used with some success so far. Indeed, the Facebook- and Twitter-friendly INQ Chat 3G has shifted more than 1.5 million units, despite only limited worldwide market exposure.

The new Android phones might well be a step up from the 'cheap and cheerful' phones currently being offered by INQ too. According to GigaOM, the company has been spending big on developing its brand and needs some phones to give it some added prestige, as well as increased margins. The company might also see real opportunity with Android, which is still a fairly new market, allowing new companies to compete on a level playing field with the established makers. Just look at HTC for evidence of that.

No news on specific phones as yet, as soon as we hear, you'll hear too.

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