3 updates its MiFi device

When 3 announced its original MiFi, a device that could utilize a Wi-Fi connection for all your Wi-Fi enabled devices we got very excited. However, as good as it was, it didn't quite grab the technology world by the scruff of the neck as we had hoped. Yet the MiFi is back and according to 3 is better. The new 'one-touch' MiFi device is made by Huawei (the Huawei E585) and sports a new OLED display that informs the user of the amount of data used, the speed of the current connection and the length of browsing time.


The device can be fired up with the press of one button and works with any internet browser. Consumers will also be able to charge the device while using it. With more and more mobile phones being Wi-Fi enabled, not to mention other devices such as the Apple iPad, the MiFi (mark 2) could, as it threatened to do with the original revolutionise wireless connectivity.


The 'one-touch' MiFi will be available on Pay As You Go from early July 2010 for £49.99.

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