O2 unveils iPhone 4 tariffs

O2 has fired the first shot in the iPhone 4 price war, but, by the look of things, doesn't seem too keen to undercut the opposition.

The most notable change in the new schedule is the scrapping of unlimited mobile internet, a reaction to our increased use of data everyday and the impact it is having on all networks. O2 might be the first to publicly scrap the current deal, but it's unlikely to be the last. In fact all networks will be considering their moves ahead of the new iPhone launch.

We also don't know the price of the new iPhone yet, which is down to Apple not releasing the details to operators. So what do we actually know? Well, we know the tariffs on offer by O2.

That obviously depends on your perceived use of the new handset. The 100 tariff is the entry-level offering, with unlimited texts and 500MB of data for £25 per month for a 24 month contract or £30 monthly for an 18 month deal. At the other end of the spectrum, O2 has its unlimited package, which doesn't offer unlimited data (that's 1GB), but does offer unlimited call time and O2's International Traveller Service. £60/£65 is the price of the 24 and 18-month contracts.

Other varying deals are available as 300, 600, 900 and 1200 tariffs, with steadily rising call and data allowances. There will also be pay-as-you-go deals and from October, the option to bump up your data as a 'bolt-on' too - £5 for 500MB or £10 for 1GB.

It's certainly a good starting point against which to view all the other tariffs, which are likely to be here very soon. Will it be the best? Only time will tell. See all the O2 tariffs here.

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