Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet leaks on Twitter

Let's be honest, for all its possible flaws, the Apple iPad was something of a game-changer. It wasn't just a product launch, it shifted a niche product (the tablet) into the mainstream, two million sales in a matter of weeks tends to do that. It even prompted Steve Jobs to declare the end of the PC was nigh. But where a popular Apple product appears, several wannabe Apple-beaters arrive just a little bit later, kicking off with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We think that's the name anyway, but we've also seen it called the sPad - perhaps because of its quite obvious similarity to Apple's big selling slab. Look at that picture, can you tell the difference?

The device was unveiled (or was leaked, take your pick) on Samsung's official South Africa Twitter feed, which, according to TechRadar, offered up basic details of the device. Those being a 7-inch LCD screen, front-facing camera and an Android operating system, nothing more.

Well, there was something more. The words 'this particular one is' were used, suggesting that various models will be on offer from Samsung from August. Other sources have already indicated that an 8-inch tablet will land in October, while a 10-inch tablet will hit the market in December.

It all points to another iPhone v Android battle for your cash in the coming months, which we hope will be good news for the consumer. Oh yes, let's not forget Microsoft too. ASUS showed off its Eee Pad earlier this week, powered by Windows 7. This is one party Bill Gates will almost certainly arrive at early and with Windows 7, it has the operating system for the job.

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