Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus now on sale at O2

Fancy going the Palm way for your next smartphone? Well, this week is the perfect time as O2 has just started selling the latest models - the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

For 'Plus' read improved, the Pre Plus now offering double the internal memory, shifting from 8GB to 16GB. But there are numerous other enhancements, including a more responsive slider mechanism, cosmetic improvements to the keys and a more 'reactive' keyboard. The Pixi Plus gets a makeover too, with added Wi-Fi heading up the bill on the smaller-screened little brother (a 2.6-inch display compared to the Pre's 3.1-inch touchscreen).

If you want to see how all that plays out in reality, get down to your local O2 dealer, which should have them on display right now and available to purchase. In terms of pricing, the Palm Pre Plus will set you back around £40 per month on an 18 month contract if you want a free handset. Sign up for two years and that drops to £35.

As befits a smaller phone, the Pixi Plus has a smaller contract, £30 for the two-year deal, £35 for the 18-month tie-in.

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