Tablets to kill off PC says Steve Jobs

Not just a big alternative to your smartphone, Apple chief Steve Jobs claims the iPad and all that follow in its path wil soon kill off the humble PC.

According to The Times, Jobs made the claim during a 90-minute Q&A on stage at the All Things D Conference near Los Angeles. 'The transformation of the PC to new form factors like the tablet is going to make some people uneasy because the PC has taken us a long ways,' he said.

The tablet idea, he said, was in place long before the iPhone, but resources were switched to the smartphone when the company saw the possibilities of the touchscreen. But Jobs believes 2010 is the right time for his 'magical' device, despite concerns about its ability to work for word processing and creating new content. Such concerns would be solved in time, he added. Software on tablet devices would become more powerful and allow users to do almost anything: 'Time takes care of lots of these things.'

His confidence could be well-founded. Companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, ASUS and Acer are all chasing the tablet market right now. That's if there's a market left. RBC Capital Markets has estimated iPad’s total shipments will reach 8.13 million units worldwide by the end of the year.

Jobs was also unrepentent about Apple's lack of support for Flash, claiming customers ar happy to buy his products without Adobe's product on-board: 'I have to say people seem to be liking iPads. We’ve sold one every three seconds since launching it.' Although whether Apple would have shifted even more with Flash is something none of us can answer and with Jobs so set against it, we're unlikely ever to find out.

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