Nokia N8 is Vodafone-bound

Vodafone seems very keen right now on showing off a 'coming soon' handset without giving the bottom-like details (like contract details for example). But we're still quite excited that the Nokia N8 is on its way in the imminment future on the network.

Nokia's phone-meets-camera (or camera-meets-phone) has just got its own splash page on Vodafone's site, which means you can register for updates without committing yourself to buying one. Well, without knowing a price, why would you?

Just as well we already know lots more about the N8 thanks to a past hands-on with the handset. Nokia's second capacitive touchscreen handset packs an impressive 12-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, autofocus and Carl Zeiss lens (not to mention 720p HD video shooting),  Symbian^3 OS, 16GB of built-in storage, super-fast HSDPA connectivity, access to web TV, all your social networking essentials and GPS with Ovi Maps.

Just a shame there's no shelf date or price available as yet. But we suspect you'll not be waiting too long for either.

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