Sky TV joins iPlayer on iPad

As everyone with the remotest interest in mobiles and gadgets knows, today is the launch day of Apple's iPad in the UK - they day we find out if the substance matches the hype. Well, if substance to you means TV on the go, the iPad passes with flying colours thanks to the ready availability of Sky Mobile TV and the BBC iPlayer.

According to TechRadar, the Sky option is similar to its iPhone offering, with live access to Sky Sports and Sky News, but optimised for a larger screen and with an EPG for planning your 24-hour viewing.

It doesn't come free though. Sky Mobile TV for iPad is currently £6 a month for existing Sky TV and Sky Player TV customers who take Sky Sports and £35 a month for all other customers (both Sky and non-Sky TV). On top of your monthly data costs, that's a good chunk of money to watch satellite TV without the dish.

Alternatively, you can head to the BB's iPlayer. The Beeb has already sorted out an iPad-friendly version of its catch-up/watch live service, avoiding the need for Flash, which was a potential hinderance. It's likely to be Wi-Fi-only and isn't going to allow downloading, but it will be free to access and a good way of impressing friends and family who are unimpressed with your shiny, new gadget.

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