Nokia N900 gets upgrade

In phone years, the Nokia N900 is starting to show its age. We reviewed it (favourably as it happens) back in 2009, so an update is both welcome and possibly overdue.

According to TechRadar, the 1.2 upgrade isn't a radical overhaul, but it does add a few tasty morsels of goodness that are sure to be welcomed by lovers of the 'mini computer'. Amongst those are integration of Facebook chat, allowing to have a natter without booting up the main Facebook page.

Nokia has also added Skype Video calling, should you want to do some face-to-face networking and portrait browsing has also been added to the mix. Other minor improvements have been made to email and calendar functionality too, with enhanced search, better copy and paste and the ability to accept calendar invitations in emails. Finally, there's an upgrade to access of the Ovi store.

Theoretically the upgrade is optional, but realistically, it's compulsory as older versions of the Maemo OS won't be able to access the Ovi Store any more. So get in there now and upgrade if you don't want to lose access. After all, it is free.

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