APP WATCH: Firefox Home app for iPhone

Ok, it's not quite a full Firefox browser for your iPhone, but very soon, the Firefox Home app for iPhone will let you take all the Firefox essentials with you on the go.

According to Engadget, Mozilla claims it will sync your desktop with your iPhone. In practice, that means you can access your Firefox history, bookmarks, open tabs (or current sessions), and what's called an Awesome Bar. That a talked-up name for easy/predictive search for sites with the minimum of typing.

So why isn't this a full browser? Well, because it isn't quite. Ok, the pages should load within the app itself, but it's not quite the full thing. Perhaps you could say this is a toe in the water from Mozilla ahead of trying to get a full browser past the Apple app store police.

Mozilla hints at that very point in a company statement: 'For devices or platforms where we’re unable to provide the 'full' Firefox browser (either technically or due to policy), we aim to provide users with 'on the go' instant access to their personal Firefox history, bookmarks and open tabs on their iPhones, giving them another reason to keep loving Firefox on their desktops.'

Not quite finished and approved yet, but expect to see this in the fairly near future. Check out a video of it in action here.

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