Wow! We've just had a play with the Dell Streak and well, wow! Marketed as a tablet that also has phone capabilities, the Streak is far bigger than your average smartphone, not least because it is sporting a five-inch capacitive touch-screen display. That said it's impressively thin and when we placed it in our jeans pocket it didn't weigh us down, unbalance us or protrude in an embarrassing manner. Swiping your way through the four customisable home-screens was a breeze and those familiar with Android will be familiar with the notification bar at the top of the screen.


However, our favourite feature was watching video in high def. When streaming videos via Wi-Fi on YouTube, switching between normal mode and high def over emphasised how good the latter is with a crystal clear picture. Likewise surfing the internet was a fruitful experience with webpages making use of every millimetre of the five-inch WVGA screen, though with multi-touch capability you'll also be able to zoom in and out of pages with the pinch and zoom method so often associated with <adopts whisper> the iPhone.

Users will also be able to multi-task with an array of applications. For example, you want to send a text message while listening to your music? No problem. Photos were also impressively good with a sharp five-megapixel camera and a dual-LED flash, though we must admit we didn't get a chance to shoot any pics in lowlight or the dark so we'll reserve judgement on that until we get our hands on a full working model. Photos can be uploaded direct to your pick of social networks and sent via email or MMS. Likewise video can be posted on YouTube in just a few simple clicks.


Though the device will run on Android 1.6, Dell is keen to stress that an over-the-air update to Android 2.2 will be available when it arrives later this year. Though the device we got our hands on had a red trim and back, Dell tells us that the UK version will be an all black affair.


All that's left to say is that it will be available exclusively on O2 next month (the operator is being somewhat slow in announcing pricing details) and from the Carphone Warehouse. Well that and that we want one.


We'll be sure to bring you a full in-depth review as soon as we get hold of a review sample.

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