iPhone 4G 'confirmed' as having video chat

Fancy making your own mini movies or chatting with a loved one face-to-face with an iPhone? Well, soon that wish will come true - as long as you purchase an iPhone 4G.

That's the rumour right now. Indeed, it's not just a rumour. According to TechRadar (via Engadget), a new series of ads is being filmed and directed by Sam Mendes, one of which will feature a mother and a daughter chatting through an iPhone 4G.


So if you like to look right in the eyes of the person you are chatting to, Apple could soon be your friend. Although if you were that desperate, you could have picked up any number of phones offering the same tech in the last few years.

In other non-related Apple news, we hear of a death in the iPhone family. You'll probably not be surprised to hear it's the Apple 3G. Destined for smartphone heaven when the 4G is announced (June 7th), the phone is already being heavily discounted in the US, while the Apple Store has removed its 'buy button' on the official site.


With much of the iPhone OS 4.0 not applicable to the older 3G model, it's probably for the best anyway.

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