Android 2.2 goes official

Yes, it's been previewed and talked about for what seems like an age, but last night Google finally unveiled Android 2.2, previously known as Froyo and ready to lock horns with iPhone 4.0.

According to TechRadar it's fast, up to five times faster at running on-board apps and three times faster at web browsing, the latter because the Android browser has the same V8 JavaScript engine as Chrome. 'the fastest mobile browser,' says Google's Vice President for engineering Vic Gundotra.

Of course, there's one other big addition to web browsing with 2.2 - the addition of Flash. That means you'll be able to access most Flash-based sites as easily on your phone as you would on your PC. There might be some exceptions (US TV site Hula blocks access for copyright reasons), but if all goes to plan, the transition from web-based browsing to mobile browsing should be seamless.

Other new features include that ability to turn your phone into a hotspot that we signposted recently, improvements to the Android marketplace, an updated music app (with the promise of being able to stream tunes from your PC in future) and new tools for developers to get the most out of ther operating system.

Developers can get the kit for creating apps right now, but users will have to wait a few weeks for the update. Indeed, it's not going to be available on all Android phones. Limitations with hardware on some older, less capable phones could mean some users being left disappointed when the updates start to land. Only time will tell whether you are one of the lucky ones.

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