APP WATCH: Orange?s Fake A Call

We're ashamed to admit that we fall into this category, but it would appear we're not alone. A survey by Orange claims that over 80% of us have pretended to be having a conversation on your mobile to avoid an uncomfortable social situation. Where as a simple crossing the street used to suffice, it's the 'fake call' that is now taking precedent.


Whether it's to get out of a boring date, or to avoid that awkward chat with a colleague around the coffee machine, Orange has introduced a Fake A Call app available through the Orange App Store. Once downloaded, you'll be able to trigger the application to call you in the same manner that you would receive a genuine phone call.


The Fake A Call app works across a whole range of Java-enabled handsets and is available for £2 by visiting Orange World from your Orange mobile phone, or by texting FAKE to 247.


Top reasons for making a fake call:

1. To appear busy when waiting for a friend (37%)
2. To avoid speaking to an old friend you bump into (31%)
3. To get out of a dull date (11%)
4. To look popular (11%)
5. To get out of a meeting at work (7%)

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