iPad app store goes live in UK

If you couldn't wait for the iPad to land on UK shores and got one imported from the US, you'll be pleased to know that your iPad is now able to access international versions of the iPad store. Of course, that includes a UK store.

For those who ordered in the UK? Well, let's just say the store is up there and awaiting your trade from May 28th or whenever your iPad actually arrives. According to Engadget, it's the same story in other European countries and as far afield as Australia.

So all good then? Well, not quite. If you splashed your cash on a US-made unit, then set up a US account to grab the apps, you are effectively tied to that account. Or alternatively, you can flip to a UK account, but your previously-purchased US apps will not update due to territorial issues. Either way, it's not ideal for the early adopter.

But if you didn't succumb to the temptations of the US site, you can download now from a UK site in UK currency, a site that also let's us all know what's hot in both paid-for and free apps right now.

For the former, games like Scrabble, Real Racing HD and Need For Speed Shift are riding high, whilst free apps for the Financial Times, Draw Free, Shazam and Dictionary.com are proving popular in the site's early days. All of which is likely to change massively once the UK populous gets on there and makes the chart its own from the end of the month.

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