Second Apple iPhone 4G outed

To lose one is careless, but to lose track of a second iPhone 4G is likely to cause real concern at Apple. Yet that's exactly what has happened if Vietnamese website Taoviet is to be believed. There's pretty much no reason why it shouldn't be either.

The site seems to have been taken down or crashed, no doubt after Engadget spotted the story online, which had images of the new iPhone in complete form and pulled apart. Oh yes, a video too.

Much of what can be seen has been seen before in the Gizmodo piece, it's the same 16GB model, a pre-production handset, with the internal investigation showing an Apple-branded processor running the show. Sadly, the phone doesn't boot up beyond a 'test' sequence, so no 4.0 OS in action. However, there is one minor change to the design from the Gizmodo find, a pair of screws at the bottom of the handset are no more, which might indicate a later, more market-ready prototype.

Of course, everything will be revealed to all very soon, with that late June launch still likely. Although it looks like it will have less of an impact this time with the two high-profile leaks. Not that either has dampened our enthusiasm for it.

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