HTC Hero about to get Android 2.1 upgrade?

Got a HTC Hero? We wouldn't blame you. After all, it got a five-star review on this site, which makes it a pretty special thing. But it just might be about to get a little more special with an Android upgrade.

An upgrade was talked about for April, but never actually appeared. But new hopes of an imminent update of the Android OS have risen with the US HTC Eris getting Android 2.1. Owners of that handset are getting Over The Air updates over the next two weeks, giving a new lease of life to their mobile pride and joy.

Why should this matter? Well, the Eris is the US version of the Hero, so logic dictates that the update will be silently drifting onto the UK variant in the very near future too. Ok, it's still a good way off the 'promised' upgrade date of April 16th, but it should be worth the wait, with additions to the handset including e 'live' wallpapers, a 3D photo gallery, voice-to-text in all text fields, a new apps launcher and multi-touch.

Just push it to the back of your mind - one morning very soon you might be awoken with the pleasant surprise of a 'brand new' phone in your hand.

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