Samsung's Bada development kit available

It has been promised for some time, but now the development kit for Samsung's Bada platform has arrived. The phones might take a little longer to appear.

According to The Register, the Software Developer's Kit version 1 is available right now from the Bada Developers' portal, which means you can get cracking creating apps for the forthcoming Wave phone, which should be here by the end of the month, along with 'successive promising handsets' to follow.

Why should you care? Well, if Samsung's take on the iPhone/iTunes model takes off, it could be a new and valuable income stream for you ande your company. Getting in early also means you get window time before the masses pile in. Obviously you'll need your app approving by Samsung first, but if it gets past that inspection, you could be sat on the screen of a new and exciting handset in weeks.

The Wave is the first Bada smartphone, retailing for £400 unlocked, which is unlikely to get the mass market running to grab one when it lands. However, further Bada phones are in the works, likely to come with smaller price tags and therefore, wider appeal. So your time and effort could be rewarded in the long run. If that has convinced you, sign up for the kit now and check out our first impressions on the Wave right here.

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