3 great business apps for Android

Android phones may not be poised as the BlackBerrys of this world, but with an app market at 50,000 and climbing, we found three top-notch bits of software to beef up  the business prowess of your little 'droid.


On-the-go scanner
Use your smartphone's camera to snap a photo of a document, and this app converts it to a PDF file for easy emailing. If you don't require perfect quality, it's a hassle-free, speedy way to send documents which you don't have digitally.

Account manager
Hello Expense Free
Keep tabs on your spending with this simple app that lets you enter expenses, then export it as a CSV file to total up in Excel.

Ultimate note taker
Sync your phone with everything. And we mean everything - notes and memos you make to yourself, pictures you snap, wine labels, business cards. Evernote can scan text from image-based items and input it into your contacts book, calendar and more.


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