Google Goggles adds translation feature

Foreign, schmoreign. Augmented reality app Google Goggles now detects and translates text into the language of your choosing.


The app can detect text in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish, and translate it into several other languages by running it through its free translation service. All you need to do is point your Android phone's camera at a bit of text and snap a photo.


Of course, if you've ever used that service, you'll know it can return some pretty spotty results thanks to issues with context, for example. Google suggests using the Goggles app to translate dishes in a menu, and we're sure it would work better with phrases or snippets of text, versus entire articles.


You can also use Google Goggles to take pictures of landmarks or items, and receive more information such as its history, or for shopping, its price. Google says it plans to incorporate more Latin languages, and eventually read Chinese and Arabic too.


Available for Android 1.6 and up.

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