APP WATCH: Twitter for Android 2.1

Twitter's done and gone official with its own app for Android 2.1 phones.


If you're lucky enough to own an HTC Desire, Legend or the Google Nexus One, you'll be able to download the app, which integrates with the phone so that you can sync Twitter contacts with your phonebook, and view friends' last tweets next to their names in the phonebook and in Google Talk.


There will also be a Twitter layer added to Google Maps so you view locations of last tweets.


You can also use one of two homescreen widgets to view the latest tweets and post your own, and there's a preview feature that lets you see any pictures posted in tweets.


The Twitter app is free and on the Android Market now. For more details, check out the official Twitter blog. Using an earlier version of Android? Don't worry, there are tons of great Twitter apps for Android already - we love Twidroid and Tweetcaster, for example.


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