Nokia Own Voice comes to Ovi Maps

Not content with turning us all into app developers, Nokia is now offering us all the chance to be expert map readers, courtesy of Nokia Own Voice.

The clue is in the title, with your 'own voice' now available to use a directional guide on Ovi Maps. All you need to do is download the original Ovi Maps, then download the Own Voice app to go with it. Once those are in place, record your own soothing (or angry) tones, then hear the results on your very own voice pack.

Proud of your handywork? That's good, because you can also upload and share your voice, with a snippet of your work offered via the Ovi site. Just think - you can take your wife, husband, sister, brother, mother, father, in-laws, workmate, annoying friends anywhere in the world, always on-hand to tell you where the nearest bar or motorway turn-off happens to be.

Check the Nokia site for phone compatibility. If yours is there, it's the prefect way to kill and some worktime minutes and impress your colleagues.

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