Samsung Wave and Galaxy S up for UK pre-order

The release date of the forthcoming mobile phone, the Samsung Wave S8500, as we have already reported, has now been set to early June. This delay – and it sounds like a delay, especially as quite a few UK online retailers featured the phone on their websites with an earlier delivery date – has now been incorporated on the Expansys website, which, rather mysteriously, won’t give specifics for a release date but, rather, has a countdown ‘delivery date’, for the 2GB version, of 34 days which means that the Wave would arrive on 31 May. How true that is, is up for debate. Has Expansys some insider knowledge? Did they pick the date out of a hat? Did they feature the release date just so they’d appear in news stories like this? The company also lists a 8GB version but the  release date has yet to be 'revealed'.


In associated news, the same website is listing the Samsung Galaxy S i9000, 8GB version, for a release the next day, 1 June. A 16GB version is also listed but no release date has been assigned.

Whatever the dates, what we do know is that the company is offering the Wave handset at £374.99 and the Galaxy at a rather high price of £549.99. We assume that latter price to drop after the phone has been released.

Click to see the Expansys Galaxy pre-order page


Click to see the Expansys Wave pre-order page

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