Google Nexus One launches on Vodafone

Brits will finally be able to grab Google's own-brand superphone, the Nexus One, which lands on UK shores this week. Previously only available by online order from Google's American site, the Nexus One will launch on Vodafone UK on April 30.


The tariff plans are on par with other high-end phones, with the Nexus One free from £35/month on a 24-month contract, or free from £40/month if you'd rather go for the less committed 18-month plan.


If you're willing to fork over £100 upfront for the handset, you can pay a £25 monthly fee for 24 months. More details at Voda's Nexus One page, where you can also pre-order the phone for a May 5 arrival. The impatient can just get hold of the phone either by hitting up a retail shop or even telesales - which could be reason enough to convince the consumers who didn't want to pay full price for the phone as well as postage and UK VAT for importing a phone.


The Nexus One is an HTC phone built to Google's specifications and naturally comes with the latest version of Android 2.1, incorporating a voice-to-text feature that lets you do anything by voice command, from instructing the phone to call someone, to dictating a message. And of course, it fully supports Google's latest coup - its free voice turn-by-turn directions.


Not on Vodafone and not willing to switch? You could always just check our HTC Desire review - it's virtually a clone of the Nexus One except with HTC's excellent Sense skin atop, and it's available on all five major networks.

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