BlackBerry Pearl 3G comes in two models

RIM has unveiled their most powerful 3G smartphone to date, in the shape of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. It’s the first time a BlackBerry Pearl has featured 3G connectivity, after previous models relied on the slower EDGE and GPRS data speeds to access the internet. It also sports on board Wi-Fi and a 3.2-megapixel camera while supporting microSD cards of up to 32GB.


There are actually two variants of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. As with previous models in the Pearl range, the 9105 features a 14-key traditional phone keyboard, with each numeric key representing three letters. However, the 9100 has a condensed 20-key QWERTY keyboard with only two letters for each numeric key. Both keyboards utilise RIM’s SureType software which helps speed up your texting by auto-completing words for you.


The BlackBerry Pearl 3G is expected to arrive at the beginning of May.

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