Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus enter Europe

The Palm Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus have appeared in Europe in preparation for an official release. More specifically, both will be officially launched into Germany on April 28th. Both O2 and Vodafone will handle the handsets in that country, according to the Mobiletor website. Also, according to France’s local network, SFR’s mobile store, both mobiles will also be available for sale there too on the same date with both phones being generally available via a variety of French retail stores from the second week in May. There is no word of a UK release just yet.

The differences between the standard and Plus models are significant. For example, the Pre Plus doubles the internal memory from 8GB to 16GB. It also vastly improves the slider mechanism resulting in a far more responsive, immediate action. The colouring of the keys has been changed and the keyboard itself is now much more reactive with a better ‘click’. As for the Pixi Plus? It adds Wi-Fi to the original design.

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