Early look at the LG Cookie Fresh

What's this that has been delivered by the mobile phone stork? Why it's an LG Cookie Fresh, the latest affordable social networking savvy device from the manufacturer. Actually before you get too excited we should confess that it is a pre-production model and as such LG was adamant we shouldn't judge it too harshly, but we'd thought we'd give you the lowdown all the same.


The LG Cookie Fresh resembles something of a stretched Cookie KP500, in that the display is slimmer but marginally taller. It still measures a respectable three-inches it's just content appears a little condensed. As a result we found it far easier to type text using the virtual QWERTY keyboard rather than compact T9 keypad. Unfortunately, unless it's something that will be updated in the final version, there's no auto-rotate function, instead requiring a press of the keyboard icon to switch it into QWERTY mode. Of course if you're of a sadistic nature, you can always use the handwriting recognition input method. To be fair, it's as good as any we've come across (though this isn't saying much), but it's a little odd that LG provides this functionality without including a stylus embedded in the device.


On account of its "affordable" status, it's not surprising to find the bodywork of the LG Cookie Fresh is plastic. However, whereas some handsets get away with this cheaper option, the Cookie Fresh does feel a little flimsy. The touch-screen is resistive, again a nod on the penny saving front, but it was actually surprisingly responsive not to mention colourful. LG's staple S-Class UI is again utilised here, with three home screens that can all be customised to different degrees. One is for your favourite widgets, such as a shortcut to Facebook. The second home screen is for all your favourite contacts - press on the thumbnail for a certain person and you'll have the option of texting, emailing or calling them directly. Finally the third home screen is LG's LiveSquare display that shows your most recent contact activity with the aid of moving avatars.


If you were judging the LG Cookie Fresh on specs alone, you may want to steer a wide berth. As with the original Cookie, there's no 3G (an omission we still feel baffling considering its position as a social networking phone) and the two-megapixel camera suffers from a lack of auto-focus and flash. However, the original Cookie KP500 also showed that there is definitely a market - we're thinking the teen brigade - for a handset that has integrated social networking, a friendly user interface and most appealing of all, an attractive price tag.


We'll bring you a more in depth review of the LG Cookie Fresh just as soon as we get a fully working model.



Size: 108 x 52.9 x 12.5 mm

Weight: 89g

3.5mm headset: Yes

Data speeds: EDGE

Camera: Two-megapixels

Talktime: 330 minutes

Standby time: 390 hours

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