Google Maps Navigation now available for UK

Ever since Nokia announced free voice navigation with Ovi Maps, we've been impatiently waiting for the same feature on Google Maps to be available for us Brits too.


Well, voice turn by turn directions have finally made their across the pond - Google Maps Navigation 4.1.1 Beta is now available to all UK Android users. This is a fully functional beta launched on April 6 to US users, who've enjoyed a previous version since last October.


Engadget Mobile tested the feature on a Google Nexus One, which supports voice-to-text, and a very cool bonus is being able vocally instruct the phone to 'navigate to' any destination. Unfortunately, as noted in our review, its hardware twin, the HTC Desire, doesn't support this.


Oh well - the sat-nav arena just got hotter, and dedicated manufacturers like TomTom must be feeling ever so slightly worried.

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