GiffGaff tariff raises eyebrows

Here’s a tariff that takes the eye and is worth serious consideration if you’re contract is coming up for renewal or if you have a second phone. GiffGaff is a new company that is offering a selection of ‘unlimited’ bundles and cheap rate mobile calls.

The bundles include a fiver for unlimited texts; £10 for 100 phone minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile Internet; £15 for 300 phone minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile Internet and, finally, £35 for unlimited phone minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile Internet. All costs are per month and the offers apply to UK calls only. However, check here for more information on low cost international calls.

Apparently, prices are kept down because the company has no call centres, mobile masts or other overheads.

Digging past the press release, it seems that GiffGaff is staffed by a bunch of ex-O2 employees and so it’s no surprise to learn that the GiffGaff calls ride on the back of the O2 network. Check out the O2 coverage in your area before plumping for GiffGaff, therefore.

Also, that unlimited Internet offer expires on 25th May. It really is unlimited too – as long as you don’t tether your phone to a computer. Other notes? 0800 numbers are free and, if you want a GiffGaff SIM, you’ll need to have an unlocked phone. If your phone is not unlocked and you want to learn more about the possibilities of unlocking it, just Google your phone type with the word ‘unlock’ to find out more. Acting on such advice is entirely at your own risk, however.

GiffGaff is a community-run project that takes a Wikipedia approach to business. That is, the GiffGaff customers can take an active part in sales, marketing and support. You can even earn some extra cash for your endeavours. Find out more here.


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